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Pinch Valve for Diverse Material Handling

Chemicals, Alkaline Mixtures

Chemicals, Alkaline Mixtures

Our "Flowrise®" Pneumatically operated pinch valves are immensely applied in regulating the flow of chemicals and alkaline mixtures. These are perfect for handing reactive chemicals as they are they are very reliable due to their zero leakage feature and chemical resisting design hence the chemicals regulated by these valves does not come in contact with the metal parts other than the sleeve. Hence the valves can function for long durations of time in a very smooth reliable and durable manner.

Acid Slurries & Intermediates

Acid Slurries & Intermediates

Our "Flowrise®" pinch valves are made with high quality corrosion resistant material and hence they can tolerate acidic medium and regulate them in a very durable and reliable manner. These are made in conformity to the industrial standards such as DIN, ANSI, BS 10, IS etc.These valves are easy to install due to their user-friendly design. These valves are easy to maintain and are very affordable as well.

Liquid Foods

Liquid Foods India

We as the leading pinch valves manufacturer make them such that they are ideal in regulating liquid foods and can also tolerate solid particles without getting jammed.  They offer self-cleaning feature and offer zero leakage functionality. They come with Seatless and Glandless feature. The Field Elastomer Sleeve of this valve can be altered easily. This valve offers a Positive Shut-off and is widely applied in the food industries due to the safety and consistent performance it offers.

Viscous Fluids

Viscous Fluids Supplier

"Flowrise®" has created a unique niche in the diverse type of industries by offering Industrial Pinch Valves that are excellent for handing viscous material. These valves are ideal for regulating the flow of thick & viscous material in a very efficient manner. Our Pinch Valves in India are highly valued by our clients for their meticulous engineering and excellent life span. Moreover, we offer quality products at very reasonable prices.

Pinch Valves in India

"Flowrise®" is brand of high popularity and demand in the market because of their quality make in strict adherence to the industrial standards. These valves hence are robust and offer excellent output in a very dependable manner. They offer excellent functionality are ideal even for slurries and sludge regulation. We customize them as per the needs & applications of our clients, in a very precise manner. We as India’s leading pinch valves supplier quality test them to ensure they offer flawless performance in a very cost-effective manner.

pinch valves Gujarat

The pinch valves of "Flowrise®” are excellent for controlling the flow of granular liquids because the design of this valve promotes the complete enclosure of the rubber sleeve to even on coming in contact with the abrasive as well as corrosive substances. When the valve opens up, the sleeves permit full, unhindered flow with slight turbulence. These thus have high durability and cost-effectiveness.

Dry Suspension

Dry Suspension

"Flowrise®” is the brand that strictly adheres to norms of the industry. The make of the valves promotes user-friendliness as well as resistance to tough and intensively harsh environment and working substance. It is also very ideal for dry suspension substances for exceptional regulation of the flow in a very consistent and fail-proof manner. It offers tight shut-off even on trapped solids. We are the leading pinch valve exporter of India.

Powder Collectors

open body Pinch Valves

Our "Flowrise®” open body Pinch Valves are the perfectkey for isolation and regulation of powdery material. Since we fabricate them from the best materials with the most contemporary technology in compliance to the industrial standards, they offer the best output in a very consistent manner.They are widely demanded among various across the world.


pneumatically operated pinch valves

Our "Flowrise®” pneumatically operated pinch valves are excellent & efficient for the regulation of gases in the industry with zero chocking problem of the valve. When the valve is open the resistance of the flow is insignificant. Hence they are extensivelypreferred in miscellaneous types of Industries. We offer them in diverse specifications and also in the customized versions.

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