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“FLOWRISE®” is the brand of an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. The quality of our company’s pinch valves are in compliance with the international standards and are austerely quality tested hence are preferred by industries such as Refineries, Paper, Steel, Cement, Petro-Chemicals & Fertilizer Plants across the world.

Our products are designed and made such that they offer outstanding featuresand exceptional durability. Furthermore, these products are very affordable apart from being very qualitative. As a result, our products are the prime choice of several nations around the world. Our products are exported throughout the world especially in the countries like Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Kenya and U.A.E etc.Nations such as Bahrain, Saudi-Arabia, U.K., Oman and U.S.A regularly import our Open Body Pinch valves, Close Body Pinch valves and Pneumatically Operated Pinch Valves etc.